Owning a home is a part of the American dream, but there’s more to being a homeowner than
planting some flowers and picking out a witty welcome mat—yes, we’re talking about gutter

Gutter cleaning is a necessary and important part of home maintenance, without it, your clogged
and dirty gutters can create expensive problems like foundation issues, mold, and roof damage.
Gutters must be cleaned, but how do you clean gutters? How much does it cost to hire a gutter
cleaning service? What are the best tools and techniques for DIY gutter cleaning?

In this article, we will give you the ultimate guide to gutter cleaning.

What does it cost to hire someone to clean my gutters?
According to Forbes, the cost of hiring someone to clean your gutters can range from $100-
$360. This price is determined based on the condition of your gutters, the number of stories on
your home, the design of your gutter system, and any additional gutter services you might
require. The cost is broken down by gutter length, with the average price being $0.40 to $0.90
per linear foot. More complex jobs (like dirtier gutters) can cost up to $2.15 per foot. And the
bigger your house, the higher the cost.

Can I clean my own gutters?
Of course! Many homeowners opt for DIY gutter cleaning to spare themselves the cost and
inconvenience of having to hire a service. This leads homeowners to ask, “How do I clean my

You can try the classic “climb a ladder and scoop method”, but this method has also classically
caused people to fall off the ladders—not the greatest experience even if it gives your neighbors
something to gossip about at the next HOA meeting. This method is also grimy and time-
consuming and puts you up close and personal with the debris gathering in your gutters.
Scooping sharp sticks, animal waste, moldy leaves, and all other forms of nastiness do not
make for a great afternoon.

Another option is chemical cleaning, where you pour chemicals through your gutters and
downspouts to break down the debris and buildup and flush the waste out. This is a less
desirable option because of its negative impact on the environment.

Or you could just try Gutter Sense. Gutter Sense is an affordable, DIY gutter-cleaning tool that
fits ordinary variable-length extension poles. The rope operation allows you to move the tool
anywhere along its length, and Gutter Sense’s tongs are angled for easy entry and exit from the gutter (and getting underneath gutter supports). Gutter Sense works for multi-story homes,
keeps you on the ground, and is healthy for the environment—all for $34.

DIY tips and techniques
Now that you know what options you have, here are a few more tips and techniques
recommended by Gutter Sense.

● Clean all your gutters at least twice a year. The spring and fall are the recommended
times of year to do a thorough gutter cleaning.

● Spot-clean after storms. Storms bring a lot of debris with them, check your gutters after
a storm to remove any branches, nests, or leaves that could have blown in during the
storm—the quicker you get to it the less likely the debris will become lodged and
hardened in your gutters or downspouts.

● Pick the right time of day to clean your gutters. Gutter Sense can keep you
comfortably on the ground, but it cannot keep the sun out of your eyes. Plan to clean
your gutters when the sun is behind you so you can see clearly and clean comfortably.

● Quickly remove animal nests. Animals love to become “homeowners” in your gutters.
Their nests can create clogs and filthy debris in your gutters, not to mention the danger
of animals chewing their way through your roof and into your attic space. If you spot a
nest being built, quickly remove it before the animal sets a move-in date.

● Frequently check your downspouts. Your downspouts are vital to your whole gutter
system working well, make sure your downspouts stay clear and properly aligned. If your
downspouts become damaged or loosened, replace or repair them immediately.

● Know your target dirty areas. Gutters that are below a tree or bush are more likely to
get clogged, so spot-clean and check these areas often.

Gutter cleaning does not have to be challenging, dangerous, or expensive. Want the perfect tool for DIY gutter cleaning? Be sure to check out Gutter Sense. At just $34, it’s a low-cost solution to easier, safer gutter cleaning. See it in action and purchase online.