The Ultimate Rain Gutter Cleaning Tool

The Ultimate

Rain Gutter

Cleaning Tool

The Safer Way to Clean Your Rain Gutters

No one loves gutter cleaning. We get it, which is why we make Gutter Sense. It’s a lightweight, easy-to-use tool to clean your gutters from the ground, for a faster, safer way to get the job done.

Do You Dread Gutter Cleaning?

Most people do. It’s time-consuming and messy — and climbing a ladder to reach second-story gutters is just asking for trouble. There’s a better way: Gutter Sense. This low-cost tool makes cleaning your gutters from the ground easy:

  • No more ladders
  • No more mess
  • No more painful scratches and cuts
  • Effective on pine needles, leaves, and muck
  • Fits on an ordinary extension pole
  • Lightweight with a 14-inch grasp
  • Cleans under supports
  • Angled tongs for easy access

What Customers Are Saying

"I was a bit skeptical at first but must admit that Gutter Sense is the best gadget I have ever purchased."

Joe G.

"Bought this with a long pole to clean 20-foot gutters in a 100-year old house. I'm very please to report that this little invention worked brilliantly."

Brooklyn C.

"Works especially well with wet leaves and muck. This more than met my expectations and paid for itself the first time I used it."


“A simple tool that’s devastatingly effective.”

Will T.

“I LOVE Gutter Sense and talk it up to everyone I know. I’m now able to do my gutter cleaning by myself!”

Melissa S.

“In a word, this tool is awesome! Since I’m not too crazy about getting up on a ladder, I usually have to pay someone three times a year to get the gutters clean. It’s so easy, now I just have to figure out what I’ll do with the $200 a year I’ll be saving from now on!”

Richard C.

Locally Sourced, Locally Made

Gutter Sense is proudly made in the USA. All components and labor are sourced locally to our Chicago-area business, from the nuts and bolts to the pull rope, monofilament, insert cards, polybags, and injection-molded tongs.

Each Gutter Sense tool is also assembled locally.

The Gutter Sense Story

Ours is a family-owned small business. We’re passionate about bringing to market “aha” products that make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable.