Ladders are wonderful inventions that have existed for thousands of years—and for thousands
of years, humans have consistently been able to fall off them. One reason most homeowners
would even need to mount a ladder would be to clean their gutters, a vital and unavoidable part
of good home maintenance.

Cleaning gutters on a one-story house is bad enough; a multi-level home is even worse. Afraid
of heights or not, the idea of perching on a ladder to clean out the gutters leads homeowners to
ask questions such as:

● How to clean my gutters without a ladder?
● What tools can I use to clean my gutters from the ground?
● How do you clean gutters that are high up?

We get it—you want to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Luckily, there is an answer
for your safety and gutter needs: Gutter Sense.

Gutter Sense is a simple, low-cost gutter cleaning tool that enables you to clean your gutters
from the ground in safety and comfort.

Gutter Sense fits ordinary variable-length extension poles, and the rope operation allows you to
move the tool anywhere along its length. Gutter Sense’s tongs are angled for easy entry and
exit from the gutter. The shallow paddle design and inverted V angle of the tongs clean easily
under gutter supports. Attach Gutter Sense to a pole, pick your starting point, and clean those
gutters, all while standing comfortably on your lawn where you belong—it’s that simple!

Here are an additional four reasons why Gutter Sense is the perfect solution to clean your
gutters from the ground.

It’s affordable.
You may not want to clean your gutters yourself, but the cost of paying for a service could make
the ladder slightly more appealing. But which is better, sparing your back or sparing your wallet?
With Gutter Sense, you don’t have to choose, it costs just $34 and can fit on ordinary, variable-
length extension poles. It’s easy to store and pull out again for regular maintenance or quick
spot jobs cleaning debris after storms.

It’s easy to use.
Gutter Sense was created to be used by men or women of various heights and weights. The simple design is user-friendly and effective, capable of retrieving large objects as well as twigs and leaves. The tool is also designed to fit under gutter supports (a common spot for debris to pile).

Gutter Sense can be used for single or multi-story homes, simply get a longer extension pole if you are cleaning the gutters on a two-story home.

It’s clean and environmentally friendly.
Traditional gutter cleaning methods include flushing your gutter system with chemicals to break
down debris and clogs. While this may clear your gutters, it’s also sending chemicals into your
soil and plants, which is unhealthy for the environment and any children or pets who may be in
contact with the area soon after.

Other gutter cleaning methods will have you high up on a ladder digging debris out by hand,
which can be messy and unhealthy. Mud, bacteria, mold, animal debris, and sharp sticks or
leaves can all be clogged in your gutters, making the removal process potentially hazardous
(and unpleasant).

Gutter Sense allows you to clean your gutters from a distance, removing debris without touching
it. Gutter Sense is eco-friendly and requires no chemicals potentially harmful to plants, animals,
or humans.

It’s safe.
Safety is the number one priority when cleaning gutters, and Gutter Sense exists to take the
hassle and the hazards out of gutter cleaning and make it safe and approachable for all
homeowners. Gutter Sense empowers you to clean your gutters while standing safely on the
ground—no ladder (or ambulance) needed.

Looking for a way to clean your gutters from the ground? Be sure to check out Gutter Sense. At
just $34, it’s a low-cost solution to easier, safer gutter cleaning. See it in action and purchase