If you have a house, you will have gutters. If you have gutters, you will need to clean them. If you need to clean gutters, you will be asking these questions: How much does it cost to clean gutters? Is it safe to clean gutters? How can I clean What tools can I use to clean my own gutters?

Gutter cleaning services can cost anywhere from $100-$360, depending upon the size of your house, your type of gutter system, and how dirty your gutters are, and a thorough gutter cleaning is recommended at least twice a year.

So, is it worth it to clean your own gutters? Let’s look at the pros and cons

The Cons of Cleaning Your Own Gutters

Gutter cleaning takes time, and cleaning your gutters may not be your ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Whether you climb a ladder, use a DIY tool to clean your gutters from the ground, or use chemicals, cleaning your gutters will take time.

Purchasing materials to clean your gutters will vary in cost, whether you need a sturdy ladder, work gloves, tools to scoop debris, a tarp, a specific gutter cleaning tool, or chemicals, it will all cost something.

Getting up close and personal with bacteria-riddled debris and poky objects can be hazardous. And using chemicals to break down the debris in your gutters isn’t the best for your health or the environment. But, you can you can still use a tool like Gutter Sense to avoid these health risks.

Climbing a ladder so you can balance on it while digging out debris can be a risky endeavor. Depending on your height, strength, and body type, cleaning your own gutters may be challenging, and, for some, getting on a ladder is physically not an option.

The Pros of Cleaning Your Own Gutters


Sometimes it’s just easier to do things yourself. Hiring a service doesn’t entirely free you from spending your time on your gutters. Finding a reputable service with good reviews, scheduling an appointment (if you can get one in a reasonable timeframe), and preparing your yard for the service company all require effort from you.

The cost of hiring a service will vary depending on your home’s size, but there may be cheaper options available than hiring a service twice a year, and in the current economy, homeowners are looking to cut costs when and where they can. For example, Gutter Sense is an easy-use, DIY gutter cleaning tool that costs only $34, while hiring a gutter cleaning service can cost hundreds of dollars.

It’s nice to feel empowered to take care of your home by yourself, plus, the bragging rights of caring for your gutters can make for a nice icebreaker at the next HOA meeting. With the right tools in hand, you can clean your gutters how you want, when you want, and as often as you need to without involving a costly service.

Protecting your property
While a service may do its best to protect your home and landscaping, a crew of people coming to clean your gutters cannot help but leave traces. On the other hand, using Gutter Sense only involves you and an extension pole. It’s quiet and clean and will protect your yard and home from damage or mess.

Four more reasons to clean your own gutters using Gutter Sense

  1. Using Gutter Sense can be fun. See it in action.
  2. The confidence boost of caring for your own home is nothing to sneeze at.
  3. $34 for multiple gutter cleanings is a very reasonable investment.
  4. Ladders are for firefighters—Gutter Sense is for everyone. (Unless you are also a
    firefighter, but it is possible you prefer to separate your work and home life and would
    still rather clean your gutters from the ground.)

    Is it worth it to clean your own gutters? We think it is—if you clean your gutters using Gutter Sense.

    Want the perfect tool for DIY gutter cleaning? Be sure to check out Gutter Sense. At just $34,
    it’s a low-cost solution to easier, safer gutter cleaning. See it in action and purchase online.