The who, where, why, and how behind the what is a point of interest for most people—after all, our natural curiosity is one of our greatest strengths as human beings, and it has been the motivator for great advances in science, medicine, and technology. The Internet Age has enabled us to learn more than ever about the behind-the-scenes of numerous products and industries, and we often discover there is more to the story behind any product and business than we first thought.

This is the case for Gutter Sense, a simple gutter cleaning tool that has revolutionized gutter cleaning for thousands of homeowners. What was once a daunting or even dangerous endeavor necessary for home maintenance has now become an easy (we might even say “fun”) task that you can accomplish in less than one afternoon. 

Want to know the what, who, where, why, and how behind Gutter Sense? Read on.

What is Gutter Sense?

Gutter Sense is a simple, low-cost gutter cleaning tool that enables you to clean your gutters from the ground in safety and comfort. 

Gutter Sense fits ordinary variable length extension poles, and the rope operation allows you to move the tool anywhere along its length. Gutter Sense’s tongs are angled for easy entry and exit from the gutter. The shallow paddle design and inverted V angle of the tongs clean easily under gutter supports.

Gutter Sense is the perfect solution for the problems and hazards created by traditional gutter cleaning methods.

    • Gutter Sense is precise and efficient, unlike vacuums or blowers.
    • Gutter Sense can be used conveniently and safely while standing on the ground, removing the danger of falling off a roof or ladder.


    • Gutter Sense is quiet and clean, not requiring unpleasant noise or harmful chemical substances to remove debris from your gutters.


    • Gutter Sense is affordable; far more affordable than hiring a service or ending up in the emergency room after falling off a ladder. 

    Who is behind Gutter Sense?

     Inventor Robert Segal imagined a way to clean gutters from the ground, and in 2002, he created the model for Gutter Sense. Now, 20 years later, thousands use it for gutter cleaning.

    Gutter Sense is a small business run by Michael Schiestel and his daughter Paige. Along with running the business, Michael is a coach in the Buffalo Grove High School’s IncubatorEDU entrepreneurship program, where he helps students create, pitch, and bring products to the market.

    Where is Gutter Sense made?

    Gutter Sense is proud to be made in the USA—and this is not an empty or half-hearted statement. Companies must follow very specific guidelines to be able to put a “Made in the USA” label on a product. Products must be entirely or virtually entirely made in the United States, as established and overseen by the Federal Trade Commission. This policy definition includes the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and all US territories and possessions. And it’s not just the final product; the standard for “Made in the USA” means all significant parts and processing of the product must be of US origin and—in the case of manufacturing and assembly—take place in the US.  

    All Gutter Sense components and labor are sourced locally to our Chicago-area business, from nuts and bolts to the pull rope, monofilament, insert cards, polybags, and injection-molded tongs—we are proud to support our local economy and community.  


    How is Gutter Sense made?

    Gutter Sense is designed to be attached to an extendable pole and then held over your head for extended periods of time, it was also designed to be easy to use by men and women of various heights and weights. Is Gutter Sense’s lightweight plastic or simple design a quality concern? Appearances can be deceiving; Gutter Sense is, in fact, made using an impact-resistant, glass-filled, nylon plastic.

    Glass-filled nylon is a synthetic thermoplastic material with Polyamide (nylon) as the base compound that is filled with glass fibers or powder particles. 

    The benefits of glass-filled nylon include:

    • Strength, including flexural strength and fatigue resistance.


    • Resiliency to heat and temperature fluctuations.


    • Impact strength to withstand shock loads without breaking. 

    Glass-filled nylon is a top choice for many manufacturers making consumer products that need to be strong and durable—but this strong material can also be difficult to work with. The liquid plastic can be abrasive because of the glass particles, and creating a product with glass-filled nylon requires precision and care. 

    Gutter Sense is created using injection molding, which is a forming process that produces parts by injecting their molten form into molds. After cooling and hardening, this gives a final product that takes the shape of the mold. Injection molding is used in the mass production of parts where product consistency is a concern. Glass-filled nylon is very hard on injection molds (requiring more frequent maintenance), and when being used to create a product, it must be handled with the correct temperature and humidity. 

    Gutter Sense is light on weight but heavy on the quality and care that went into creating it. Check out these photos of the factory where Gutter Sense products are made.

    What do Gutter Sense customers say?

    A simple tool that is devastatingly effective.” —Will T.

    “I was a bit skeptical at first, but I must admit that Gutter Sense is the best gadget I have ever purchased.” —Joe G.

    “I love Gutter Sense and talk it up to everyone I know. I’m now able to do my gutter cleaning by myself.” —Melissa S.

    Gutter Sense is a simple product created to solve a problem—but it’s also so much more. Gutter Sense represents the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, as well as the hard work and dedication of the local team who create it. We are proud of our product, team, and customers, who have gone from dreading gutter-cleaning to enjoying it. 

    Are you ready to start cleaning your gutters but not sure what tool to use—let Gutter Sense take you the rest of the way. 

    Looking for a way to make gutter cleaning easier? Be sure to check out Gutter Sense. At just $34, it’s a low-cost solution to easier, safer gutter cleaning. See it in action and purchase online.