Have you ever done this? You get fed up with something, think there might be a better way, and whip out your phone to Google something like “gutter cleaning tools at Home Depot.” 

What turns up? In short, nothing worth your money. There are some options, including things like the Gutter Getter scoop and the Worx universal gutter cleaning kit. You can also find gutter guards and a lot of gutter repair products. 

None of these items will make gutter cleaning safer or easier – but Gutter Sense will. You just have to think outside the big-box store.  

Why Gutter Sense is better than gutter cleaning tools at Home Depot and Lowe’s

No one loves gutter cleaning, but it’s an essential step in home maintenance. Why? Your gutters enable water to flow down your roof and away from the walls and foundation of your home. If your gutters and downspout are clogged, water spills over your gutters. When it pools near your home, it can cause extensive (and expensive) damage. 

So, gutter cleaning is a must. But it’s messy and unpleasant, and it can be unsafe, too. In fact, nearly half a million people are injured in ladder accidents annually, and 97% of these accidents occur at home. 

We understand the risks and the necessity of gutter cleaning, which is why we’ve developed a tool to make it safer and easier—and get the job done faster. You won’t find our tool in Home Depot or Lowe’s, but you will here on our website for under $30. 

Why is Gutter Sense better than anything you’ll find in a big box store? 

No ladder. Gutter Sense attaches to a standard 12- to 20-foot extension pole. It’s lightweight and easy to use, meaning that you can now clean your gutters from the ground. No more ladder, a lot less risk! With the right size pole, you can easily reach even second-story gutters from the ground. 

Effective on muck. You know what’s in your gutters? Leaves, twigs, pine needles, and muck. Over time (and through the seasons), it turns into sludge, which can be nasty to remove with traditional gutter cleaning. If you’ve done the job, you don’t have to imagine what kind of mess sprays out of there as you bend and kink the hose, lean over the ladder, and…get sprayed in the face. Stop messing around with the mess and use Gutter Sense instead. 

No more cuts and scratches. With its easy-to-use tongs, Gutter Sense reaches right into the gutter and grabs what’s inside. This means no more scratches or cuts from gutter edges and screws. 

We can’t eliminate the need for gutter cleaning, but we’ve made getting the job done much easier and safer. Gutter Sense is lightweight and effective at even cleaning under gutter supports. 

If you’re looking for the right tool and a safer way to get the job done, skip the trip to Home Depot or Lowe’s and order Gutter Sense

See how easy Gutter Sense is to use in this quick video