Gutter cleaning has “traditionally” been one of those things that men do, along with mowing the yard and keeping the cars running. But in an era when stereotypes are being challenged (and for plenty of good reasons), this is no longer the case. Besides, we know moms are the true “git-r-doners” in any house, whether there’s a man around or not. If you’re ready to take on gutter cleaning—and crush it like you already crush everything else—we’ve got the go-to gutter cleaning guide and tools to make it easier and safer. With this guide, you can get the job done confidently without waiting around for a hubby, handyman, or gutter cleaning service.

First, if you’ve ever cleaned the gutters, you know it can be a messy and dangerous job. Yet it’s necessary to protect your home and keep water moving away from your house. And because you’re already on top of it, you know it’s important to clean the gutters regularly, especially in the spring and fall.


We’ve all been there: watching someone climb a ladder while we’re holding it while we’re also holding our breath that nothing bad happens. Add a bucket, a kinked hose, and gutters full of slop, and you have a recipe for trouble. It’s why thousands of people end up in emergency rooms every year with ladder injuries (it’s also why March is National Ladder Safety Month). 

There’s a better way—and it’s ladder- and mess-free. Gutter Sense is a lightweight, easy-to-use rain gutter cleaning tool that you can use to clean gutters from the ground. At under $30, it’s a low-cost tool you can use to hack this household task – once and for all. 

And it’s the mother of all gutter cleaning tools. Check it out: 

  • Ladders not needed

  • No more mess

  • No more painful scratches and cuts

  • Effective on pine needles, leaves, and muck

  • Fits on an ordinary extension pole

  • Lightweight with a 14-inch grasp

  • Cleans under supports

  • Angled tongs for easy access



Ready to tackle gutter cleaning? Here’s your step-by-step guide to gutter cleaning:


  • Step 1: Gather your tools—Gutter Sense, a 12- to 20-foot extension pole (which you can find at any hardware or paint store), and a tarp to collect debris, which you can drag along behind you for even easier cleaning.

  •  Step 2: Attach Gutter Sense to your extension pole. Screw the socket firmly onto pole, but do not twist the body of the cleaning tool. Ensure the pole is the right length to reach gutters (yes, it works even on second-story gutters). 

  • Step 3: Use the wing nut to adjust the angle of the tongs so that they will run flush along the bottom of the gutter. 

  • Step 4: Wrap the pull-line around your hand so you can pull it while you support the pole with both hands. Keep the pole perpendicular to the gutter and stand far enough away from the wall – so you’re clear of falling debris. Alright, you’re ready! 

  • Step 5: Lower the tongs into the gutter and adjust the tool to the left or right until you locate the gutter supports. Lower the tongs into the debris and pull the pull-line to close the tongs and pinch the debris. 

  • Step 6: Keep the tension in the pull line while lifting the tongs out of the gutter. Once out, release the tongs and drop the debris onto your tarp. Repeat until the job is done – then pour yourself a refreshing beverage of your choice (Lemonade? Wine? We won’t tell) and congratulate yourself on a job well done. 


See it in action

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